Love for Family in Black American Culture.

It is very difficult to find grounds for Black American Culture. To be a mom or dad, a sibling or lover. In America we are made to believe that we come all these different parts of Africa or some country other than America. We believe that we have no right to any here- are told continuously. Physiologically beat by disbeliefe, misguidance, misinterpretation and judgement. How can one live prosperously if all decks are stacked up against you. Loving your family is hard these days, left to be manipulated by outsiders and so called friends. Wheres that old feel at. We so concentrated on becoming apart of cultures instead of being a culture of our own. The style of dressing, cooking, and a lot other craziness is all constructed by us, so called slaves. I think we Black American should sit back and see who we are as a culture. Cause everyone we claim disown us. Peace to all people.

Published by The Heart Attack Chronicles

What can I say to make anyone more accepting of me and who I am? I'm trying to find me as a man and human being. Most of my life has been a lot to handle, describe and deal with. I have a lot of issues. The good thing is the universe has blessed my intelligence, respect, a heart, courage and strength.

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