Why Talk When No One Will Listen

See- see…. cause you don’t hear my cry, straight to the point of sucide

my thoughts collide, cause I tried and couldn’t reach top five of your list

i explain to you that my pass mistakes are not who I am, nothing more than mistakes

even when you say you hear me, you still don’t understand

change are for those people the world like to change, not the one who choose to change and still struggle – no- no – I need not your pat on the ass

what I ask is that if you don’t believe in me just pass

No, it’s not your fault

Your human. We can only take so much

I hear you. Your patience are running thin.

You have enough on your plate. You can’t be moved by mine….

I respect that. I see that. All I ask for is a few minute of your focus

For you to listen to mine

A…a…a, you know you can throw it away if you assume I lying

You search, we search. Lets skip the bias

My mind is everywhere but still make some valuable points

You sayyyyy…. I’m tryingggggg.

Why talk when you want listen!

Published by The Heart Attack Chronicles

What can I say to make anyone more accepting of me and who I am? I'm trying to find me as a man and human being. Most of my life has been a lot to handle, describe and deal with. I have a lot of issues. The good thing is the universe has blessed my intelligence, respect, a heart, courage and strength.

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