Who’s Fighting for Our Black Woman

Today my wife brought to my attention of a video about a black woman who sister was being followed, boldly as she went about her day. And the horror she was facing knowing that the people who followed her was so persistent. Now we can chop this down in many scenarios. The Good and Bad. The Stereotypes and the Facts. Who you like to hear MY point of views? Here’s my examples.

  • First, men and our manipulative ways. And some truly feel a lot of woman do not need saving – in perspectives, that they sale themselves to the highest bidder everyday
  • Second, our woman (Eve vs Edith). Why should the depend on a nigga anyway? There is hardly none of us left. And if so, they are married or gay.

All this down playing and subjecting one another to tittles that is embedded for generations. Missing and losing the points. Drawing our race into self-blame and mental torcher. That’s what it is. The Black Man and Woman feel as though they have no one. Let alone, one another. The question is, ae we worth saving? And I don’t speak of I or You. I mean Us (Blacks)! Especially our Black Woman. The seed to every living human being. No man nor child would exist. The only true woman that makes stretch marks look sexy (You fellas know what I’m talking about Don’t front). There is no deny their worth. A treasure. Do Black men see our fault in the down fall of our woman. The cause of us not just say I’ll be bigger in this situation- if you get what I’m saying. The slow death in their spirits is one reason why we cannot come up out this craziness. We can say they caused a lot of our pain, that pain that broken a lot of us. But this same pain created the greatest gift to all mankind, You! Do you think so. I understand, we all want those women who hurt is to pay. But It shouldn’t be where are acceptable to not fight for their survival, their safe, their lives. Do you know a man is weighed on how he protects his family? A man can redeem some wrongs when he takes care of his family. His Queen and family is his reasons. Other than that, outside of that leads to negative behavior- Sin! Cheating, stealing, selling drugs, rape and other craziness. The blessings are giving when a man know his family duties. And we’re falling them, our children and most important. What our woman are asking for is not hard and what we are supposed to do. If get rich or die trying is what you’re trying to do. Black woman is the most valuable human being every created. And to save us Black men, we have to save the, the Black Woman.

(Note:) I am no better. I have to work on it as well. So, let’s work towards this cause. Together or apart we can do it.

Protect Black Woman or Die Trying!

Published by Flatline Carpet Services and Sanitations/The Chronicles

Hi, My name is James Fletcher Jr and I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I am 8 year Floor Technicians Specialist, specializing and waxing, and wood floor care. Flatline Carpet Cleaning and Sanitation Service is a small family business dedicated to moralizing business and safety, decency, customer care, and good quality work. Our customers are our family. The family shouldn't be treated like a corporate pawn, drained and frustrated. Something we don't do The Flatline Way!

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