The Mental Side Effect Of Americas Ideology on Black People. The enslavement of Liberian People by Free Slaves.

I came across some information that been on my mind. And the reason why is because of a lot of books and videos I have read and viewed. One was talking about Cannibalism in the black culture. To be honest I wish kept better notes, but now that I know….

Well discovering the truth about Black Cannibalism I was directed to a number of YouTube videos. I was overwhelmed and ready to dig into what was to be obtained. The video I choose was ‘The Cannibal Warlord of Liberia’. The movie begined different from what I thought. It started with a war. A war between Ex- Slaves and Liberia people in 1840. This war is- was the example of Black on Black Murder, way beyond crime.

In 1840 during the freedom of the American free slaves, President Monroe signed for the right of those free slaves to be able to return home. I guess this was a joyful thing for those free slaves that had been through so much. Those free slaves that endured torture for hundred of years. We all could kind of understand what that would mean. Returning home for them was that ice cub in hell. But that was not the case for the Liberia born and grown in their country. It was far form a welcome back home. Coming home was uncomfortable from the beginning. The free slaves that returned claimed that the born Liberians didn’t welcome them and that their laws were not for them. The slaves returning home was oppressed they claimed. The Government of Liberia gave them nothing-not even attention. The free slaves claimed they want to live free with the Liberian people. Their claim is that problem was Liberia President ‘Samuel K. Doe’.

The claim of this unlawful, unwelcoming from this once native land of the free slaves brought about a war that lasted years, ending in murder, cannibalism and the worlds foremost Black Coon tragedy. Ex- American Slave rebel leaders Charles Taylor and Princess Johnson overthrew President Doe with American like tactics, the use of religion and the country’s children as rebels. Training them in the tactics evil, death and war. There was one General in particular (This guy is so manipulative in my opinion) General Butt naked. Butt Naked was said to lead his troops of children to was Butt Naked ( my opinion is that any person who put that much thought into build an image or legend like that plans on being that person to the end. And the fact that he still call himself that to former comrades is a clear indication of glorifying his pass legend) teaching them the way of war and cannibalism. An act they all toke pride in, sacrifices. Butt Naked believed that as long as battled naked no bullets can touch him. And he still believes this today!

The tragedy the ex- slaves rebellion brought about ran through the country like a tornado. Even mutual families who wanted no part of neither was torture, murder and cannibalism. Warlords like General Butt Naked, General Rambo, General Ben laden with Captain and Chief Charles Taylor and Prince Johnson trembled Liberia and killed it’s home grown people, going as far to disgracing those people culture and lives.

Th country was overthrown and their President was killed and tortured on video begging for hid life. HE was killed and eaten. That wasn’t the worst of it. Charles Taylor was later voted in as President of Liberia platform Quote! ‘He killed my ma, He killed my pa, but I still vote to him’. Unbelievable…

Hold fast… Years later president Samuel Doe son went back to Charles Taylor and forgave him for his fathers death, beside him his mother.

If a black man or woman never seen the effect of Americas teaching, ideology and mental breakdown here’s one of the greatest con tragedy’s in history. Yes, their actions was their choice. But just as a parent teaches a child about life, and country teaches its people how build or destroy.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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Hi, My name is James Fletcher Jr and I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I am 8 year Floor Technicians Specialist, specializing and waxing, and wood floor care. Flatline Carpet Cleaning and Sanitation Service is a small family business dedicated to moralizing business and safety, decency, customer care, and good quality work. Our customers are our family. The family shouldn't be treated like a corporate pawn, drained and frustrated. Something we don't do The Flatline Way!

One thought on “The Mental Side Effect Of Americas Ideology on Black People. The enslavement of Liberian People by Free Slaves.

  1. Hi there. Definitely a interesting topic and thought provoking thought. I never knew black cannibalism existed. Got to appreciate how well you wrote it with a open mind


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