It’s A Good Day. Let’s try to Keep it that way.

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Hello everyone,

Today is the day that our Universe has given us to experience the wonders of life once again. No matter how hard life may get or the difficulties you may be going through, you can do so much better if you believe in yourself. We must overcome these waves of depression, hate and self disstruction. Men, give your Goddess love and respect to the best of your ability. Practice discipline to get better at this. Don’t let vehement emotions dictate how conduct yourself with your Goddess. Show your daughters their fathers are not ruses nor images of popular demands. That we are true followers of the Universe. No matter if the Universe is a woman or man, it take care of all.

My beautiful woman (Goddess) , I can not tell you want ti do. I truely believe you are the Goddess of earth. I want to say give your man a chance to be ti a man; though a lot don’t deserve it. I ask you to think about the one’s whom haven’t had a chance. That you see trying. Let him be. If he’s not for you don’t break him with reverse manipulation. Let him go.

Children, your parent are trying their best with what they got. I will admit I failed as a child allowing the outside influences to polute my mind. You shouldn’t do this. Stop looking for love and acceptance and let it come to you. Be self indulge with self-pride not arrogance. See that yo will get more out of life with positivity and hardwork, not hate and lazieness. Do not wait until you get put in a messed up situation to want more. Go get what the universe has for you now. Spawn your skills and talents while helping others.

Families, their are messed up sibblings. And if the are posion to you let them go. But if you are mistreating sibblings of word of others or what you think you know. If judgement of them- no matter your own sins, is to hide your own dirt. You are worst. If we’re going to be family. Let’s be, for once

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Hi, My name is James Fletcher Jr and I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I am 8 year Floor Technicians Specialist, specializing and waxing, and wood floor care. Flatline Carpet Cleaning and Sanitation Service is a small family business dedicated to moralizing business and safety, decency, customer care, and good quality work. Our customers are our family. The family shouldn't be treated like a corporate pawn, drained and frustrated. Something we don't do The Flatline Way!

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