He Hope She Hope They Hope……

She Hope

Photo by 3Motional Studio on Pexels.com

You are a piece of shit for a man! She shouted as the front door slammed shut.

Her mind was on Nac car time. An hundred and running.

The things that raced through her mind could for sure get her life

She slammed her bedroom door so hard that the vase next to the door fell and shattered, awaking the baby.

The screams were giving her a headache. She could not focus.

She had told him everything…

Her mistakes as a child. The abuse. The molestation. The rape.

He knew she never had anyone.

To this day. She has no family.

This is the first home structure she has ever had.

And for him to attempt to throw that away makes no sense.

All the ops and downs…

Bot to excuse herself. She said some weird things as well.

Oh, how she played eith his eagle.

Statements like; Broke ass nigga. Cheater. Lame. -Even told him about his homeboys trying to holla. Something she failed to tell him when it happened.

She could have kept that to herself but her anger was on the brink of explosion.

Nothing happen. She did the right thing. She hope…

Photo by Lucxama Sylvain on Pexels.com

She hope he knows just that.

She hope that with all that has been said, they can supersede their difference to be better lovers, parents and partners.

The baby she thought… Not her child. Another fatherless child.

She hope he does not see this evilness ass an opportunity and their family becomes another black statistic.

She hope he knows she’s not going to defend her wrongs- better yet, be woman to be honest.

She hope they can get through this . She looked at her watch hoping…

Hoping he comes home…

By: HeartAttack

Published by Flatline Carpet Services and Sanitations/The Chronicles

Hi, My name is James Fletcher Jr and I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I am 8 year Floor Technicians Specialist, specializing and waxing, and wood floor care. Flatline Carpet Cleaning and Sanitation Service is a small family business dedicated to moralizing business and safety, decency, customer care, and good quality work. Our customers are our family. The family shouldn't be treated like a corporate pawn, drained and frustrated. Something we don't do The Flatline Way!

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