Miss or Mrs

very nice scem. creative. and readable.

Desert flower


Today I lost control. Every thing I kept buried inside rushed to the surface. I saw him again after 9 years. Over the years I learnt the art of fooling people with a smile as a proof that every thing was ok so one knew the reason.

I could never be more wrong. I thought I would smile and nod my way through it all. The bad parts of us stay with us. Killing the life out of us.

But why did he have to notice me at the moment of skipping glance. God he still makes me skip a heart beat. Secretly seeing your first crush after 9 years is somehow a weirdly pleasant and creepy.

He comes over to me. What do I do? shit!. Prithvi says,”Doctor how is my Grandmother”. For a moment I was lost.That patient in the ICU room was Prithivi’s Grandmother? I was…

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Published by The Heart Attack Chronicles

What can I say to make anyone more accepting of me and who I am? I'm trying to find me as a man and human being. Most of my life has been a lot to handle, describe and deal with. I have a lot of issues. The good thing is the universe has blessed my intelligence, respect, a heart, courage and strength.

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