No More! If Not Ourselves- For once, Our Children

No More Death of Our Children
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There is a problem when the most important deaths to us are convicts, drug addicts, gang members and flat-out criminals. People who lie and cheat their whole life. Some of these people have brought disgrace to our family name, our honor and dignity. Dis-concerned with the pain brought upon all who-in the name of family, will bend earth to protect. And they still without words say FUCK YOU with their action. Not taking responsibility for actions.

-Then, we have our beloved sons whom are being slaughter by drive -by shootings and gang wars. Just for being outside or at a cookout. Our daughters being bullied and killed for being cute or intelligent. Death after Death over basic everyday stuff- Or, is it? When did death become normal for our child, the real honest ones? Are when really telling ourselves a check is all we need to be quiet? Is that what makes the pain better- No disrespect to those who mourn differently…. Can we get a grip on our reality? We can never be in charge when we do not have discipline in our culture. We cannot raise our youth like this no more. Yes, it’s is hard. But we have to put a stop this. Black men, don’t you see we are losing everything? First ourselves, our children and now what’s left of our Black woman.

Here are some of the children that has been heard of, not too much of, and not at all. Condolences to the families and R.I.P to ALL our innocent children.

Secoriea Turner,8 yr-old girl

Treshawn,11 yr-old boy

Brandon Hendricks, 17 yr

Rahim, 15 yr old

Antonio Mays Jr., 16 yr

Dvon McNeal, 11 yr old

And there are so many I have no names for in which I will give city and age in hope someone will see this and provide information.


Unidentified, 14 yr old


Unidentified. 6 yr old boy

Unidentified, 11 yr old girl

New York

Unidentified, 7 yr old girl

Unidentified, 14 yr old

Unidentified, 15 yr old

Unidentified, 15 yr old

Unidentified, 16 yr old

We should all find these deaths as a lost to our futures. Everyone had potential to be someone and do great things. But because careless in this world has no regards for children and the pain they cause. So let’s all go to our mirrors. Look hard, now we see what the problem is….. ALL OF US!


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