The Fall

great perspective and subject for a woman love. Very mature of you.

Desert flower

Some truth some lies

A distant fragrance

Just like the colors of the season

Shades of red,orange and browns

Like that she has different canopy of bruises

In the kingdom of her body

Plastered by her dear husband’s abuse

He changed he says every time

With a sorry he ends

But this habits don’t change

How does that do justice to the memories they shared

He turned her into a empty tree

The leaves of hope have shed

But she is anchored to the sacred grounds of relationship

A naked tree that waits for the cold winters

To embrace her pain

As the icicles of nostalgia stabs her everyday

Dear Autumn with you she falls to the ground

Dreaming the spring of fresh air

To drive her off her faith

Fear has become her cup of tea

She has become a motionless victim

Surrendering to her husband’s temper

The truth…

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Published by The Heart Attack Chronicles

What can I say to make anyone more accepting of me and who I am? I'm trying to find me as a man and human being. Most of my life has been a lot to handle, describe and deal with. I have a lot of issues. The good thing is the universe has blessed my intelligence, respect, a heart, courage and strength.

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