Happy Thanksgiving Recipe Countdown

     23 Days Until Thanksgiving

Covid-19 has put a stop to a lot of things for 2020. We have made it through some of the worst months of some of our lives. But praise The Almighty. We are here, breathing and Blessed.
This year social-media has been the place to reach love one’s, share with friends and start new awesome connections. All over the world people are expecting the best this year. This year will be different. This Thanksgiving. Those nuisance ass family members-you know you’ll miss. They will not be stopping by. Those extra dishes friends and family usually contribute… Not this year! We are all alone.
But do not worry. Here’s a great idea…
What we will call this is “Care Sharing Thanksgiving this Year” If not you, I would like to try some ne Thanksgiving dishes. And sense we have a few weeks until, let’s share some of our favorite dishes.
If you are interested, post one of your favorite dish ingredients or acquire one shared here.
How to participate?
1). Post a dish ingredient or take one shared.
2). Post dish (take a pic of dish and share in group page Facebook ‘Where’s My Coffee”)
3). Comment on the dish you chose and thank recipe provider.

Disclaimer: All dishes shared is with best intent. With the sharing of your dishes, you approve that others, as well as all third parties, can share and use. Thank you for your participations.


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