One of My Favorite side Dishes. A Thanksgiving tasteful addition.

                                                                                Baked Beans & Beef

Family of four. Ingredients: 3 25oz cans Bush Baked Beans
1 stick of butter
25oz brown sugar
24oz ground beef
frying pan
Medium Bake pan

1). Ready a casserole pan or oven pan.
2). Ready a medium frying pan.
3). Chop and fry ground-beef in frying pan.
4). Once ground-beef is cooked. Add to bake pan and baked beans.
5). Chop butter in pieces and spread around pan.
6). Pour Brown sugar into pan and mix.
7). Put pan in oven and let it cook 15-25 minutes.

I share with you all one of my favorite side dishes. And no-matter who tries it, they will love it. The dish can be served as a side, lunch or kids’ quick dinner. It’s great for parties and events. Add some shredded cheese and take your taste buds to the next level.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Published by The Heart Attack Chronicles

What can I say to make anyone more accepting of me and who I am? I'm trying to find me as a man and human being. Most of my life has been a lot to handle, describe and deal with. I have a lot of issues. The good thing is the universe has blessed my intelligence, respect, a heart, courage and strength.

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