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The importance of Friendships before Relationships

It’s important to have a friendship before a relationship because the friendship is the block that builds the relationship. As friends you’ll be able to learn about one another, whether you’re able to trust one another or not , for example say if you and/ your friend met while you or both of y’all were in a relationship, and y’all trust each other enough where y’all vent to each other about the relationship y’all are in , you’ll be able to know whether or not y’all want to give each other a chance or not especially if y’all be around one another often, like my husband and I when we first met he was in a relationship and honestly I’ve watched him and learned from him throughout the whole relationship from before they got married to after they got divorced . I had feelings for him before he got married and he had feelings for me but we both were lost and eventually we allowed each other to grow attached, both of us had different lifestyles and we learned that we wasn’t ready to commit to change, when he thought he was ready he divorced his ex wife because she didn’t want to change for the better and I made it clear that I did want that commitment that he was missing for us and didn’t allow him to think it was that easy to just walk in and out of our relationship just like that and that commitment is mandatory based off of the relationship I saw him go through. Also I knew that he would be a great father because I watched and helped him raise kids that weren’t either one of our kids and he always wanted to have a steady family of his own.  I learned that if you love someone you have to let them go and if they keep coming back then it’s meant to be!!!

Having a family with both parents present is very important!!!

The importance of Parenthood

It is important to know whether you and your partner is ready for children before you have children with him/her for example, it is important to know each other’s medical background both physical and mental, whether you both trust each other with children, (parenting classes, couple’s therapy, family discussions helps a lot from my experience) both partners should meet each other’s families before making a decision on having children because if both sides of families don’t get along and is not mature enough to put problems to the side for the sake of the children then how will the baby not be miserable as he and/or she grows older? The children will grow up to be traumatized and hard to understand if the child doesn’t have enough emotional stability due to the family’s history of  verbal, physical, emotional abuse and domestic violence. This usually leads to secrets within and  the separation of families!

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If you love someone let them go and if they come back then it’s meant to be!!!

by Amanda Fletcher


The best relationship starts with friendship

Holdfast…! Family and Relationship? Is there a tolerance for it anymore? In my community it seems less than more. For instance, my mother and father. I remember the day they separated. I was around two yrs old when my mother came home with my little brother Ramone in his baby seat. My father really believe my little brother was his. And when he found out he wasn’t things were never the same. And not to say everything was bad.

I used ro wonder what life would be like if my mom and dad had gotten married? It still cross my mind at times. Would I still have 13 siblings?  Would I have ever experienced prison? Would I have kids? Would my life be any different.  ( I never wanted them to rekindle. Them together is bad. Sorry to say what is true to my spirit).

My parents problem was one or more issues under the responsibility of Relationships. i have a issue with delivering my means because of overwhelming consideration and overthinking. But I will try.

See, In relationships…relationship are not just being; boyfriend/girlfriend. Neither does it centers around sex. Especially not about time. It’s a combination of responsibilities. That’s where my parents failed. My father 15 and mother 17. To this day! (Dontea Wilders voice)  and what I have experienced. Relationships are a result of family teaching , family development and family display. As people we are ao far ahead of just having less than five issues. Our problems are pretty much under developed. And true, there are people who has educated and continue too. Somehow we still missed it. We’ve misses how important this is to all our survivals.

Final thoughts:

In many words, in situational relationships we live on a brick of destruction. Our interpretations of what a lover and parent are is lost in the need to divert past mistakes and misguided information. Because we all deal with it differently- can I say ways; to totally gather resolutions is difficult. The only thing we can share in all this is pain and hurt.  Yes, they are all similar scenarios that we all succumb to- relatively. Where we feel we have so much in common. Sorry to say we don’t. Why? We are not the same person. Not the same soul. You are a universal sibling with different motives with the ability to recognize wrong. To recognize right. The balance. But balance is not a human thing. love, relationship, respect and family all sits on a balance scale. What makes this worse is the phrase that discredit family nowadays. One that is even said by me,  family isn’t to be trusted! What I will admit to is, this is bull! Yes, there are many problems with family. It is not easy. Is every blood sibling family? No, maybe not. But then they are if you say you believe in God and he makes no mistakes. Count yours. I will prefer to stay he makes  alterations. Give us the bumps to learn from. It’s important. It’s important mistakes are made amongst family because even when they don’t want to they are obligated and we should not take advantage of it we should be considered of family mistakes and assistance. Lovers and children. And parents who named We carry. If not because, but for the sake of generations to come.

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