A Young Black Man Dream of Nobleness

Here we are, “2021”. And all of us that are here has made it. And to all those we have lost during these disastrous times. Rest in Peace. We all pray they left us with a light heart.

 This year has been a dozy with Politics, the Left and Right organizations, murder counts, scams and convi-19. The deaths suffered for the control and personal gains is ridiculous. In our time, a shame on humanity. Power and Money! Two words that has taken a life of its own. One has taken place of the heart. The other is the spirit. Relationships now meaningless to some or most. Family is considered a sat-back and worthless. Lacking tradition and growth. Al these issues derailing us all from humanity. We are still humans, right? And it bothers me that our world lost all sense of humanity. So, all I can do is change me and mines. Hoping one-day other men see our own mistakes.

  For me, I never found being humble positive. I prefer to be Noble Man. A Noble Man who has found balance. A Balanced Man know he has demons and does his best to control his old ways and leave his past behind. A Noble Man understands his nature is spiritual awakening; growing his better self even when his past confronts you mentally and physically. A Noble Man finds his back constantly against the wall. We all hope to start and finish great! But a Noble Man knows it’s the in-between struggle-experience! It’s that experience we all grow and inspire from. Yet still, Humble yourself…No matter your experience against tyrant power. Humble yourself…You are a provider for your family- A protector! Still in all situations, Humble yourself… All these challenges! No one asks you to be Noble. They want you to Humble yourself. Thou shall not… Respect the Laws of the Lands. Nevertheless, live in the land. Not of the Land.

     Just A Trying “Noble Man”.   Peace of Mind!


Published by Flatline Carpet Services and Sanitations/The Chronicles

Hi, My name is James Fletcher Jr and I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I am 8 year Floor Technicians Specialist, specializing and waxing, and wood floor care. Flatline Carpet Cleaning and Sanitation Service is a small family business dedicated to moralizing business and safety, decency, customer care, and good quality work. Our customers are our family. The family shouldn't be treated like a corporate pawn, drained and frustrated. Something we don't do The Flatline Way!

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