No More Democrats! No More Republicans!

No More Democrats! No More Republican!    I have been a Democrat all my life up until the age of 33, when Trump became President. When I choose to vote for President Trump, I knew life wouldn’t be the same. From the moment I stepped up to that registering booth it felt like the universeContinue reading “No More Democrats! No More Republicans!”

January 10, 2021; Late, Late Night Edition [videos] ~ January 11, 2021 — Rose Rambles…

You will want to follow this Twitter account. Tweets by barronjohn1946 Simon Parkes had a new update out for January 11 while I was listening to Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call which I have not listened to but it’s short. Ongoing military activity. You’ve got a frog in your profile.How do you not know […]Continue reading “January 10, 2021; Late, Late Night Edition [videos] ~ January 11, 2021 — Rose Rambles…”

A Young Black Man Dream of Nobleness

Here we are, “2021”. And all of us that are here has made it. And to all those we have lost during these disastrous times. Rest in Peace. We all pray they left us with a light heart.  This year has been a dozy with Politics, the Left and Right organizations, murder counts, scams andContinue reading “A Young Black Man Dream of Nobleness”

One of My Favorite side Dishes. A Thanksgiving tasteful addition.

Family of four. Ingredients: 3 25oz cans Bush Baked Beans1 stick of butter25oz brown sugar24oz ground beeffrying panMedium Bake panInstructions 1). Ready a casserole pan or oven pan.2). Ready a medium frying pan.3). Chop and fry ground-beef in frying pan.4). Once ground-beef is cooked. Add to bake pan and baked beans.5). Chop butter in piecesContinue reading “One of My Favorite side Dishes. A Thanksgiving tasteful addition.”