Love for Family in Black American Culture.

It is very difficult to find grounds for Black American Culture. To be a mom or dad, a sibling or lover. In America we are made to believe that we come all these different parts of Africa or some country other than America. We believe that we have no right to any here- are toldContinue reading “Love for Family in Black American Culture.”

Our Children… So close but so far !

  I can remember back when I was young and things were so different . There was your fatherless homes. Young mothers. Young fathers. And grandparents raising their grandchildren. At that time in the 80’s it was about the mother and father animosity towards one another. In those days children has to go from homeContinue reading “Our Children… So close but so far !”

He Hope, She Hope, They Hope (family, Pain and Faith)

  As he speed down I-95 recklessly He looks in his rear view mirror thinking about the argument he just had with his wife His decisions, their child, their life In his past he had made plenty mistakes but none like this How could he have let it happen – there are things you justContinue reading “He Hope, She Hope, They Hope (family, Pain and Faith)”