The First Virtue Thanksgiving

Most of us will not be able to visit our families this Thanksgiving. And that should not be a bad thing. This can be a time to share intimate stories with your children about the pass. Share some great dishes thought lost. Make it together. And if you really want to share some of yourContinue reading “The First Virtue Thanksgiving”

When you have so much to say. But nobody to tell it.

This time I will keep it Black and White. For the sake of self endurance allowing my mind to drain in self indulgent to find common ground of self sickness ignored as a child because parents were children themselves. Finding that the outside was cruel but better than home. People welcome you with opened armsContinue reading “When you have so much to say. But nobody to tell it.”

Part #2 Final Presidential Debate

Can we actually Trust either after the results of the Debate? <p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">With most, maybe all of my friends or close associates are Trump supporters. I myself has been since he begin. I always found Trump more normal than a lot of the Presidents of my time. His mouth neverContinue reading “Part #2 Final Presidential Debate”

Greenville, South Carolina County Sheriff, what do he mean?

                                                                                                           10/29/2020             Where’s My Coffee  ‘It’s not about Democrats nor Republicans. It’s not a Black or White thing. Either uphold the Law or become a Victim to it…!’    With all the problems going on in our country. Residence of our country; cities are feeling left out, unheard and unimportant. And that goes for one cityContinue reading “Greenville, South Carolina County Sheriff, what do he mean?”

A Piece of Mind…

Where has the love gone? Does it exist? Why is it so farfetched? Can I ever love again? Can you? Why should we? The truth is we should… We just should. This is not our war. We need peace and tranquility. Love and patience. Can we? I it possible? Yes, let’s step aside and look-peer…Continue reading “A Piece of Mind…”

My Time as A Community Activist

In 2015, after my intensive stay in prison I came home wanting to do something different with my life. I joined Mr. Clayton (of Rose street Community Center) and Built Mentor Plus C.O.B.C. The start of seeing my truth, my remake, my second chance. I’ve learned that mistakes are errors. And errors are wrong doings.Continue reading “My Time as A Community Activist”

How a Blogging Mindset Will Make You Create the Best Blog Content

If you want to write the best blog content that you can without spending your life doing it, you need to be a more productive blogger. To be more productive, you need to always be thinking about your blog. Yes, that sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it! Let’s take a look at how we can be constantlyContinue reading “How a Blogging Mindset Will Make You Create the Best Blog Content”

Part #1 Trump VS Biden 2020

Are we prepared for this Presidential election? Honestly, I don’t think our Presidents are either. What I watched were two leaders trying to make appoint of who can do a better job. But isn’t that what we are here for. I will agree that the Narrator did a good job controlling debates. Nevertheless, the debateContinue reading “Part #1 Trump VS Biden 2020”