No More Democrats! No More Republicans!

No More Democrats! No More Republican!    I have been a Democrat all my life up until the age of 33, when Trump became President. When I choose to vote for President Trump, I knew life wouldn’t be the same. From the moment I stepped up to that registering booth it felt like the universeContinue reading “No More Democrats! No More Republicans!”

Part #2 Final Presidential Debate

Can we actually Trust either after the results of the Debate? <p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">With most, maybe all of my friends or close associates are Trump supporters. I myself has been since he begin. I always found Trump more normal than a lot of the Presidents of my time. His mouth neverContinue reading “Part #2 Final Presidential Debate”

My Time as A Community Activist

In 2015, after my intensive stay in prison I came home wanting to do something different with my life. I joined Mr. Clayton (of Rose street Community Center) and Built Mentor Plus C.O.B.C. The start of seeing my truth, my remake, my second chance. I’ve learned that mistakes are errors. And errors are wrong doings.Continue reading “My Time as A Community Activist”

Part #1 Trump VS Biden 2020

Are we prepared for this Presidential election? Honestly, I don’t think our Presidents are either. What I watched were two leaders trying to make appoint of who can do a better job. But isn’t that what we are here for. I will agree that the Narrator did a good job controlling debates. Nevertheless, the debateContinue reading “Part #1 Trump VS Biden 2020”

Black Democrats vs Black Republicans

Let’s Breath…. No disrespect to those in that support the Black Culture. Those who has actually put in foot work to make sure that Blacks receive the opportunity set forth by the balance of our great universe. So far and so if, Thank You. Now to the point, I can’t be the only one that’sContinue reading “Black Democrats vs Black Republicans”

Where’s My Coffee?

I am a little concerned. And our communities should be as well. And in this time of pandemic turmoil, the one’s that will suffer is our children. And it’s starting to seem like with all our adult decisions our children become less important. Apart of this is education. For years our school systems have sufferedContinue reading “Where’s My Coffee?”

Where’s My Coffee with guest Daryl Fletcher Sr.

On today’s episode, I sit with my Uncle taking in his wisdom and advice as I always have. He sure with the world not just his accomplishments but loses. His struggle as a trouble youth and transitioning into the man he is today. I always thought oh my uncle as the O.G out of myContinue reading “Where’s My Coffee with guest Daryl Fletcher Sr.”

Black Love. Black Relationship. Black Families.

To be honest, the segment on Captain Hunter’s Podcast bothered me. I thought we were trying to get to a bottom-line, a resolution to the struggle of Black relationships. Was I prepared? Yes, for my appearance. But knowing actually where the conversation would go. There were no actual questions. I guess our prospective were sufficientContinue reading “Black Love. Black Relationship. Black Families.”

(A.F.T) American Federation Of Teachers. Is this Corruption or Well Over Due?

Teachers’ Union Refuses to Go Back to School -But Attends Al Sharpton’s 50,000 race ‘Get Off Our Necks Rally in D.C. By Jim Hoft Published Sept 05,2020 I hope I am not the only one who believe Teachers’ are well pass their dues for raises, better environment’s and respect. I truly feel Our Teacher hasContinue reading “(A.F.T) American Federation Of Teachers. Is this Corruption or Well Over Due?”