From the Heart Art

Welcome to my new page. I’m so grateful that you guys are able to watch me grow and grow with me. In this growth I display my graphic arts and some work I have done for some of my clients. I am an Entry Level designer but is very creative that gives me an edge with my skills.

To be honest, it is very difficult to do graphic arts whether it’s sketching, freelance or even tracing. And because of that prices are crazy. From what I have researched prices could range from $35-$150 hr. I understand this and has taken the steps to make the price reasonable and easy to access.

Prices If Interested:

Picture: 1-person photo $10 (just one person. White background) $20 with background. More than 1-person photo $5. Photo with Art work $30

Flyer: starting price $10-$100 depending on Graphic Designs (ask what I can do.

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