Black Love. Black Relationship. Black Families.

Literature by: James Fletcher Jr aka Heartattack

To be honest, the segment on Captain Hunter’s Podcast bothered me. I thought we were trying to get to a bottom-line, a resolution to the struggle of Black relationships. Was I prepared? Yes, for my appearance. But knowing actually where the conversation would go. There were no actual questions. I guess our prospective were sufficient enough. See, there was a lot I did not take into account.

1.) Age group: I will say in this segment I was not mature enough relationship wise. Nor did I have enough experience.

2.) Maturity: Everyone else was sound in their positions and perspective.

3.) Growth and Development: Except me, the panel of each person had over 35 years of relationship experience, with at least 15 years as an adult.

(note: That doesn’t no mean someone else my age could not do better. This is my burden).

That does not mean our experience, maturity and growth should differ much. Is there really a difference? Experts can give a better easement- in phycology or cancelling. -There is no excuse to why I failed to deliver exactually what I meant. Nevertheless, there were multiple reasons why I am confused-or, as someone stated ‘As if I had been hurt before’. Better words, Damaged! I could have vented. Not towards the person per-say. But because of the statement. Isn’t this the reason of the conversation? Aren’t this why BLACK relationships being in such shambles? Maybe that’s what threw me over the edge. When Dr. B stated ‘it deeper than communication. I concur cold heartily. I was asking myself, why are people agreeing with some of what I am saying but failed to stand on it? Black Men? What I mean is when it comes to these subject men always lose. My experience has taught me that our mothers secrete is meticulous, strategic and in harmony. Woman togetherness. Every man has a dispute but woman has their one for all argument, Cheaters!

(note: After talking to a fellow Podcaster- and friends, my assumption are as stated. Assumptions. Just as men, woman have concerns as well).

Does this on particular argument put woman on a pedal stole? Allow me to make sense. This is what woman deal with daily. Dead beat dads, dead beat children’s father, multiple different children mothers. Jail birds and no jobs. Living with parents-or, with another woman. People, there’s so much more. Big ups to our Black woman-cause if it was me. I tell you… If you don’t have a high school or G.E.D and more than one kid, I’m sorry (though my fiancé has 5 of her own). That’s the difference between husband (man) and a boyfriend (boy). Ignorance isn’t hard to pin point. I have to have standards and commonsense as well. I wouldn’t assume her as a hoe. It would be more so, you were ignorant enough to fall for the hood trap more than once, period. Man and woman.

As a Black man, the standards set forth by our woman are pretty basic- in abroad and general conversations. In their private abodes of Ladies togetherness. It’s a little fabricated and extravagant. What bewilders me is a man will speak on this to his homeboys. But in a circle of political correction will brag on what a man is supposed to do (our Steve Harveys); knowing damn well Black Western masculinity is given by our woman. Woman always had the choice of given man that title (yeah-yeah, some have earned the title. But a woman can tarnish it as quickly). But then, who are man we to give woman any kind of sobriquet? We can speak on how our ancestors display what we assume as love, family and relationships. Then we can speak on our Western perspective. Bottom line, our concepts are selfish, one sided most of the time and unnatural (Men and Woman), unbalanced, to needy and fucked up! I hurt you. You hurt me. Know…, let’s hurt someone else.

Black Love ages 21-40

Now there may be some back lashes between ages 30-40. Why, because there is a large percentage of Black men in disbelief. To my point. A lot of Black men don’t believe nothing a lot of woman says (ladies. As you see I didn’t say all). Woman say it themselves. Woman will tell everything her girlfriend man does. But want to play loyal when they are in the wrong. Complaining about cheating than want to steal one another man. To Black Men, Black Woman ae the biggest contradictors in this matter. Like for instance. Why are the Men called boys and are boys are becoming girls? How can a woman between the ages of 35-60 can date a 21-30 young man? But when a 40-year-old man dates 21-26, he a pervert? And as for perverts… As recalled, the problems start at home. Single parent homes(mothers) with woman pride, misguidance and vehement hate for thier prior spouse. Black men are ignorant to the cries because we are constantly prosecuted by criminals.

Black Families 80’s-2000’s

There’s a big percentage of elders from the 40’s through the 80’s are in retirement homes, deceased or flat out fed-up with the following generations. Though elders still relay knowledge, they will not directly work with us. When it comes to old vs young. The old school believe in their ways-which was better than now-a-days. So, lets stick to our era.

50’s – 80’s

A lot of the parents were having children while children of the 80’s. These now adults want to be married, men and women. All whom don’t trust one another because of previous entanglements (word to Mrs. Picket-Smith).

(note: Ladies, we do know about your pain. You are our mothers, our sisters and daughters. We also know that our communities are not products of rape abuse birth-especially with our abortion rate. And If so, we don’t).

Cynical behavior like ‘you a cheater! No, you’re a cheater! The generations of promiscuous relationships. Thus, producing new generations of misguided, miseducated and lustful children, now pointing fingers. Our sources of continuous miseducated rebels. Most important, failing to further the dignity of our future for Black Families.

Black Relationships

This to me is a subject that has no bottom-line. As long as we are humans, this will happen. Men lie. Woman lies. And those in between. So, I will let the expert solve this. But what I will say is, it’s all our choice. It is our choice to cheat. Our choice to be battered. Our choice to be abused. It’s all our choice! Is it right? No! We just have to want more for ourselves without being egotistic….

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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The Fall

great perspective and subject for a woman love. Very mature of you.

Desert flower

Some truth some lies

A distant fragrance

Just like the colors of the season

Shades of red,orange and browns

Like that she has different canopy of bruises

In the kingdom of her body

Plastered by her dear husband’s abuse

He changed he says every time

With a sorry he ends

But this habits don’t change

How does that do justice to the memories they shared

He turned her into a empty tree

The leaves of hope have shed

But she is anchored to the sacred grounds of relationship

A naked tree that waits for the cold winters

To embrace her pain

As the icicles of nostalgia stabs her everyday

Dear Autumn with you she falls to the ground

Dreaming the spring of fresh air

To drive her off her faith

Fear has become her cup of tea

She has become a motionless victim

Surrendering to her husband’s temper

The truth…

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No More! If Not Ourselves- For once, Our Children

No More Death of Our Children
Photo by Pixabay on

There is a problem when the most important deaths to us are convicts, drug addicts, gang members and flat-out criminals. People who lie and cheat their whole life. Some of these people have brought disgrace to our family name, our honor and dignity. Dis-concerned with the pain brought upon all who-in the name of family, will bend earth to protect. And they still without words say FUCK YOU with their action. Not taking responsibility for actions.

-Then, we have our beloved sons whom are being slaughter by drive -by shootings and gang wars. Just for being outside or at a cookout. Our daughters being bullied and killed for being cute or intelligent. Death after Death over basic everyday stuff- Or, is it? When did death become normal for our child, the real honest ones? Are when really telling ourselves a check is all we need to be quiet? Is that what makes the pain better- No disrespect to those who mourn differently…. Can we get a grip on our reality? We can never be in charge when we do not have discipline in our culture. We cannot raise our youth like this no more. Yes, it’s is hard. But we have to put a stop this. Black men, don’t you see we are losing everything? First ourselves, our children and now what’s left of our Black woman.

Here are some of the children that has been heard of, not too much of, and not at all. Condolences to the families and R.I.P to ALL our innocent children.

Secoriea Turner,8 yr-old girl

Treshawn,11 yr-old boy

Brandon Hendricks, 17 yr

Rahim, 15 yr old

Antonio Mays Jr., 16 yr

Dvon McNeal, 11 yr old

And there are so many I have no names for in which I will give city and age in hope someone will see this and provide information.


Unidentified, 14 yr old


Unidentified. 6 yr old boy

Unidentified, 11 yr old girl

New York

Unidentified, 7 yr old girl

Unidentified, 14 yr old

Unidentified, 15 yr old

Unidentified, 15 yr old

Unidentified, 16 yr old

We should all find these deaths as a lost to our futures. Everyone had potential to be someone and do great things. But because careless in this world has no regards for children and the pain they cause. So let’s all go to our mirrors. Look hard, now we see what the problem is….. ALL OF US!

Miss or Mrs

very nice scem. creative. and readable.

Desert flower


Today I lost control. Every thing I kept buried inside rushed to the surface. I saw him again after 9 years. Over the years I learnt the art of fooling people with a smile as a proof that every thing was ok so one knew the reason.

I could never be more wrong. I thought I would smile and nod my way through it all. The bad parts of us stay with us. Killing the life out of us.

But why did he have to notice me at the moment of skipping glance. God he still makes me skip a heart beat. Secretly seeing your first crush after 9 years is somehow a weirdly pleasant and creepy.

He comes over to me. What do I do? shit!. Prithvi says,”Doctor how is my Grandmother”. For a moment I was lost.That patient in the ICU room was Prithivi’s Grandmother? I was…

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The Chronicals sit-down with MTM Hundo

Today on The Chronicals, our special guest MTM Hundo sat with us and shared his point of views on fatherhood, being a Black man and his music. I don’t know if I said it enough but he’s one of the most diverse artist in the game. Hundo talent spread across the music board. He makes all his own contents. And for any other artist he has taken an interest in, he’s all or nothing. His ear for music and it’s Oria to me supersedes multiple artist today. And if you listen closely you can hear generation of variety music genre. As collectively Drakar Draco, MTM Hundo, KingLos, Scare Ochbar and Leekioo. If you haven’t heard of these artist you should look the up.

Check out his Podcast. You’ll be suprise with his mindset.

Sept 19, guest Drakar Draco on The Chronicals Podcast.