(A.F.T) American Federation Of Teachers. Is this Corruption or Well Over Due?


Teachers’ Union Refuses to Go Back to School -But Attends Al Sharpton’s 50,000 race ‘Get Off Our Necks Rally in D.C. By Jim Hoft Published Sept 05,2020

I hope I am not the only one who believe Teachers’ are well pass their dues for raises, better environment’s and respect. I truly feel Our Teacher has been put aside for decades. What I do believe is they should have gone about it in a better way. Using the Covid-19 was a slim chance. Than to attend the rally without mask restriction is a toss-up. How do you aspect to get support for not following rules that you want to enforce? Well, Here’s what Mr. Jim Hoft has to say about it.

And I quote:

In New York City teacher marched in protest with coffins to represent the coronavirus. The teachers said they were too scared of the coronavirus to teach but dragged a coffin around the streets of New York City.

He goes on to say:

Hopefully these same teachers weren’t teaching math. Children have a greater chance of drowning or dying in a car wreck than succumbing to Covi-19. The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) threaten that its members would go on strike if they were expected to go back to actually doing their jobs and teaching in a classroom.

But these same Teachers Union sent buses to Al- Sharpton ‘Get Off Our Neck’ march in Washington, D.C. These are the operatives brainwashing your kids at school. Maybe it’s better the kids are at home.

I find this statement disturbing for multiple reasons.

1). How are our teacher brainwashers with nothing to wash with?

2). Who is he to even understand the many decades of Teachers being forced to work with little to nothing?

Having to spend the same money earned from teaching, spent on teaching. I do say do that this reason for the strike is bull for most parts. I think they should instead say what they really want. O, maybe someone should help them better elaborate their means and purpose. But as long as this is their reason, that will continue to be put on the back burner.

Does this bother you? I have some questions if you guys don’t mind sharing.

1). Do you think this is corruption or manipulation? Why?

2). Do you think this is about money or, is it really a fear of Covid-19

3). Do you think Teacher are well overdue?

4). What are some of the problems teachers faces that make their requests probable?

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Where’s My Coffee The Pressure Of Returning To School. Heartattack Chronicles

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He Hope, She Hope, They Hope

They Hope…

He looked at his phone and let it rang. His pride, his ego was in the way. But he knew if he didn’t answer, he would regret it. As a man, a family’s man. To go home and it be quiet. An unfamiliar ambiance…

The peace isn’t really peace. Home doesn’t feel like home…

Knowing what’s good. He took a deep breath, put his car in drive and dailed home…..

She picked up her phone and dialed his number. It ranged and ranged. She paced the dinning-room floor angry at herself. He called and she didn’t answer-just like he had. But that was not what her heart was feeling. She wants him to come home safe, forgiving and honest. Not afraid, not broken and with out a grudge, she hope…

She heard the door open and turned. Their he stood leering back. She was lost for words. His face expressions showed no emotion, his body still. She took her breath than exhaled, wondering how this conversation would go.

They both stared at one another, frightened. His attitude. Her mouth. Their ego’s who will be the bigger person at this moment, when it mattered…

She hope, that he would say something first. That it wouldn’t be a bullshit apology. In his eye’s, like a open book for her to read. She hope for sincerity. For the next time they’re arguing, she doesn’t have to scream ‘You’re not hearing me!’ She hope!

They both began walking towards one another. He was trying to relax. She wanted to fall in his arms, but remained poised.

He hope that she does not have her gun loaded with ammo of the ‘You had this bitch!, You always on your phone! Why this and why that!’ And it’s not that he want her to forget about it. But- there’s no but. He wants to love her right. But how? When he doesn’t know how to give it and she doesn’t know how to receive it. He Hope!

They hope, with all they have created- a stable life, a once loving home and most important; a child, would remind them of what is at stake

They stood in- front of one another. His lips parted but nothing came out. She could feel it, wasn’t sure but it was vehement. Love. He hope.

She felt like putty in his arms. No matter how tight he hugged her, it was ok because she’s a perfect fit. She hope.

They hope they both recognize that this apology was difference. They hope that this apology brings about a new person, fixing their own wrong, being better-not just lovers but, better companion. To not give up. To fight until there’s nothing left in them. To-be-a-family.

He hope… She hope… They hope…..

He Hope She Hope They Hope……

She Hope

Photo by 3Motional Studio on Pexels.com

You are a piece of shit for a man! She shouted as the front door slammed shut.

Her mind was on Nac car time. An hundred and running.

The things that raced through her mind could for sure get her life

She slammed her bedroom door so hard that the vase next to the door fell and shattered, awaking the baby.

The screams were giving her a headache. She could not focus.

She had told him everything…

Her mistakes as a child. The abuse. The molestation. The rape.

He knew she never had anyone.

To this day. She has no family.

This is the first home structure she has ever had.

And for him to attempt to throw that away makes no sense.

All the ops and downs…

Bot to excuse herself. She said some weird things as well.

Oh, how she played eith his eagle.

Statements like; Broke ass nigga. Cheater. Lame. -Even told him about his homeboys trying to holla. Something she failed to tell him when it happened.

She could have kept that to herself but her anger was on the brink of explosion.

Nothing happen. She did the right thing. She hope…

Photo by Lucxama Sylvain on Pexels.com

She hope he knows just that.

She hope that with all that has been said, they can supersede their difference to be better lovers, parents and partners.

The baby she thought… Not her child. Another fatherless child.

She hope he does not see this evilness ass an opportunity and their family becomes another black statistic.

She hope he knows she’s not going to defend her wrongs- better yet, be woman to be honest.

She hope they can get through this . She looked at her watch hoping…

Hoping he comes home…

By: HeartAttack

He Hope… She Hope… They Hope…


          He Hope…. 

 It has been twelve hours since he checked in. 

An argument with his fiancé that hit a nerve. 

The audacity of her to mention his failure like he was nothing. 

And the one problem they have-not just her. Him as well. Weed! 

Wake. Sleep. Shit. All day he’ll smoke if he could. 

It’s no secret. How he wished he nerve started. 

But, that’s beside that point! Who is she with all her mistakes? 

And his tongue was loose… 

He mentioned the consist failed relationship. Her fatherless children. 

The lack of achievements in her life! 

He went on and on. No remorse as the hurt on her face left her without words. 

His last words were ’Stupid Bitch!’ before marching out door to his car. 

Before pulling off he stared at the house as a dust storm of emotions overwhelmed his feelings. DEEP FEELINGS. 

The mistakes he may have made could have cost him dearly. 

Never in his life has he lived so…so…so, normal. At peace and true love. 

Yes, he loves her. Display it in many weird ways. But he would give his soul to save her. 

OH, how he messed up. 

He hope, she’s not thinking of leaving. 

He hope, she doesn’t think for one second mean nothing to him. 

He hope, she knows that what he said were revengeful, hateful words, ignited by hurt. He didn’t mean it. 

He hope, when he gets home, she’s there and waiting. No matter her attitude. 

So many mistakes… 

He hope she’s prepared and willing to forgive him? 

He hopes 

He looks back at their home before pulling off. Hoping…  

Photo by Wallace Chuck on Pexels.com