The beginning of the end for me as I know it

Have you ever felt that no matter what you accomplish will never measure to nothing. Like the situation you are in is just stable enough so that you don’t hit the brick of no return. You feel your sanity drifting away. And as you hold tight to what you have next. You try to reach out but the only one’s who you think is the ones whom don’t necessary mean you harm but could care less about your ordeal. That doesn’t mean their evil. It just means they have enough on their plate. This is a problem you have been having since you can remember. They saw the signs all along and did nothing. So you stop talking and focus on you since you have enough commonsense to know their is something bothering you, and because it has for such a long time, no listen. Your personality becomes combative to all. You don’t go out picking and choosing friends. You could care less. You choose to have a very small circle- or, none at all. The way you see things is depressing, over the top and agitative. You ask yourself, I am the cause of my life problems. For me, I would say so. There’s a lot of things I did to my self and others. I take the blame. I don’t I want sympathy nor remorse. Whatever karma I deserve Ill take and run with it. I’m I depressed now, yes. I thought I knew what I was doing but it’s obvious I don’t. I even have the notion to try to share what I know, which is nothing. There is nothing unique nor special about me like I thought. I am me, James Fletcher Jr. On the brink and ready to sky drive. So miserable…….

Fight Or Flight ( Knowledge VS Confidence )

” I’ve learned that mistakes are errors, and errors are wrong doings. And as long as you continue to make mistakes. You’ve learned nothing at all”.

By: James H. Fletcher Jr.

Today I thought it would be a good idea to share some info I’ve been looking into about Obama, Hillary Clinton and This Pizza Gates ordeal. At my first reach I was bias and not opened minded. Yes, I voted for Trump- though at that time I was more of a Obama fan which made me as well an Hillary Clinton supporter. Do I think Trump is a racist- to some extent. Does he say crazy stuff and don’t make sense, yes. Could this be true? If so, like people say about my argument on Obama. Why wasn’t Trump arrested? As a young child I wasn’t considered a smart kid. I did good on how many ass whooping I received. Meaning, I had the brains to do whatever but choose to be a knuckle head. I am and still is what people say is a product of my environment.

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland ; August 11, 1983. My father (15yr) and mother (17yr) obviously weren’t ready to be parents. Mother was smart but uneducated impacted the inputs and output dictated the way their life would be. As well as mines. That whatever you did and will do will be wrong. You’re a fuck’d up. To others, you seem to doing away from your base issue and use your words the wrong way. Your growth is stagnates be pygmy pass mishaps and ignorance that you are the same. That is ignorant. As a human being we have to ovastand that we are blessed with intelligence has growth and stagnation . Right or free! Which one are you?

Were is justic for Black people.

See the truth is justic doesnt not exist. Justic is granted ti those who the crime is committed against. The justic system was created to give the white natiin ti design there own justic and control those under their law. And sense we know this, why havent we taken controll of the justic system that jails our youth? Do we want responsibility or just talk about.

Love for Family in Black American Culture.

It is very difficult to find grounds for Black American Culture. To be a mom or dad, a sibling or lover. In America we are made to believe that we come all these different parts of Africa or some country other than America. We believe that we have no right to any here- are told continuously. Physiologically beat by disbeliefe, misguidance, misinterpretation and judgement. How can one live prosperously if all decks are stacked up against you. Loving your family is hard these days, left to be manipulated by outsiders and so called friends. Wheres that old feel at. We so concentrated on becoming apart of cultures instead of being a culture of our own. The style of dressing, cooking, and a lot other craziness is all constructed by us, so called slaves. I think we Black American should sit back and see who we are as a culture. Cause everyone we claim disown us. Peace to all people.

Our Children… So close but so far !


I can remember back when I was young and things were so different . There was your fatherless homes. Young mothers. Young fathers. And grandparents raising their grandchildren. At that time in the 80’s it was about the mother and father animosity towards one another. In those days children has to go from home to home week to weekend. Now children has more rights than their parents. Divorcing their parents ( Kevin Kloster ). The disrespect. It seems our children are grown. How did this all happen ? The blame for our collapse of our cultural descends back so much

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He Hope, She Hope, They Hope (family, Pain and Faith)


As he speed down I-95 recklessly

He looks in his rear view mirror thinking about the argument he just had with his wife

His decisions, their child, their life

In his past he had made plenty mistakes but none like this

How could he have let it happen – there are things you just don’t !

And what happen  is just …… bad

He hopes she can forgive him. He hope she will allow him to explain. He hope all the great memorabilia of their pas rain just rain down on her. He hope …………


Her breath and heart is…is skipping beats.

She can not control her feeling, her anger

It’s the walls, their closing

She leer at their son in pain knowing the grief his dad has shamed their home with

How could he ? Why would he ? Calling her home, Their home..?

She couldn’t stop pacing the dinning room floor thinking on her next move

She hope he understand the effect his derived. The trust, limited. She hopes that his action could rub off on his son. She hope he know he’s about to lose a good. She hope that  some way they can try too….. She hope…..

He steps out the car, shuts the door and take a deep breath. It was time to prepare himself. Time to face his wife.

She had falling to sleep. The car door had awaken her . She looked at the clock which read 1:30 am. It was late but she had to prepare herself for which was to come..

He opened the front door to their home and walked in. It was quite. He removed his jacket than placed it on the coat rack.

She stood to her feet as soon as the door open. She saw his shadow on the wall reflecting from the kitchen light.

He hope they can make it through the night and talk it out.

She hope he wont to be to arrogant  the and hear what she has to say.

He hope she don’t start with the name calling and bringing up the past.

She hope he don’t that he don’t get outrageous and destroy things in their home like last time.

She hope.

He hope.

They hope the other is thinking about their child. They hope the other will be open to hear the other out. They hope their home can remain a home.

He hope. She hope. They hope!