Where’s My Coffee?

 I need mines as soon as my feet hit the floor. And at this moment is when thoughts occur. Things to talk about… Settle-down with me-with a cup of Coffee, and join my everyday life discussions. It’s crazy out here… 

Where’s My Coffee is for morning people looking to talk about everyday stuff. What important to you right now. How are you feel…? An everyone ear platform giving and receiving equal opportunity to be heard. All this over a nice cup of coffee.

About “Where’s My Coffee?” In its novice stages. Where’s My Coffee is nothing more than a gathering of talkative individuals. Here is where people from around the world can hear and talk about things that makes them happy- or, maybe things they hope would change. Normal people being people. Helping one another to become aware of what’s bother them and us as a whole. Also being that initiative shoulder or ear needed. A place for us everyday people. Where’s My Coffee wants to celebrate your to joy too. Let talk about your schools, graduations and school teams. Tell the world about great child and their achievement’s. Or, that special person in your life. All this over a nice hot cup of Coffee. How can I listen to ‘Where’s My Coffee’ Podcast? Thanks to Anchor and murmurous social platforms. It’s easy. Where’s My Coffee and be heard on Anchor, watched on YouTube and sometimes Live on Facebook. Anchor Link:

http://<iframe src=”https://anchor.fm/james-fletcher-jr/embed&#8221; height=”102px” width=”400px” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>



YouTube Channel:

Heartattack Chronicals

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